Your end-to-end solution for customized skill-based mobile games

friends4media assists you in every way possible, from the very beginning of the game creation process to its management on a day-to-day basis. We take care of everything, from designing your game to marketing it on the app stores.

Create, manage and optimize your game effortlessly

With friends4media, creating a fully customized mobile skill-based game is a walk in the park.

Design your game as you like it

Chose the game type that best fits your goals and your methods of customer engagement. For instance, why not entertain your audience with a single quiz game or provide interaction via a duel or a competition quiz?

Create a thrilling mobile game fully customized to your brand

Build a captivating game that will delight your audience. Whether it's a simple quiz, a quiz duel or a sports betting game, easily customize the game by applying your corporate identity and including your own visuals. After all, it's all about YOUR brand!

Pick from thousands of questions... or create your own

Choose from our existing pool of questions or create your own. Our platform offers multiple question types, such as visual questions, “order the test”, “order the pictures”, “spot the mistake”, and, of course text questions. Our pool contains more than 100,000 questions and content is added daily, so possibilities are nearly endless.

Add additional revenue streams

Allow your players to enter games for real-money prizes. Every quiz game can be converted to real-money game, either by letting users engage in duels, or by offering jackpots of any size, special gifts, or other prizes such as vouchers or in-app winnings. You can also easily integrate advertising into your game. Transactions are 100% secure, protected by a multilayer infrastructure inspired by the banking industry.

Analyze and optimize your game

Our analytics and reporting dashboard provides you with real-time data about your game and your players. Understand what the users like and desire, and gain unparalleled insights into your consumers’ preferences. Easily manage all issues through our Player CRM system which gives you access to all game information, transaction and issue history.

360° service from our experts

Our dedicated team are there to assists you at all stages of your game

Let the customer win big

Through our prize distribution network, you can choose from different incentives based on the demographic profile of the player such as:

  • — white goods prizes
  • — vouchers
  • — real money

We operate within a large ecosystem of partnerships to help you achieve your goals

Start building your skill-based game today!

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